Cracker Barrel Peg Game

Cracker Barrel Peg Game

The cracker barrel peg game is a type of puzzle board game that is found on the tables at Cracker Barrel restaurants in the United States of America. Cracker barrel peg is a one-man strategy game that you have to focus concentration on in order to play it well and approximately every person who has visited these restaurants has played the cracker barrel peg game, a tradition of the Cracker Barrel restaurants since their inception. The puzzle game is deceptively easy, but winning it is quite challenging and in actual fact, there are over seven million possible variations with few winning endings or what is generally referred to as “genius “endings.

How is the cracker barrel peg game played?

This seemingly easy but actually difficult to maneuver game is played with fourteen pegs on a triangular board, normally starting with an empty spot. Similar to checkers, the pegs are eliminated when jumped by another peg and the objective of playing this game is to remain with only one peg, or what is generally known as a “genius” ending.

The initial game’s blank spot can be any of the fifteen holes and because the board can be rotated in several directions, there are five varied ways of starting the game, therefore the best moves for all five starting points are unique to each player. To start the game, try to move or jump a peg from the other on the board and there are several ways of doing this, but at the end of the game, the player has to remain with the least number of pegs to win. However, this is easier said than done as most of the players finish the game with two to four pegs remaining on the board.

Cracker barrel peg game rules

The following are the rules of thumb when it comes to trying to solve the cracker barrel peg puzzle.

  • Jumping into a corner by all means must be avoided. However, in some circumstances; for instance, when starting the game with a missing corner peg, it is the only possible move.
  • Any move which begins from a green interior hole should also be avoided as this sort of a move always results into a dead end.

Objective of playing cracker barrel peg game

The main aim of playing this game is to end up with one peg or the least number of pegs on the playing board and the cracker barrel peg game has varied strategies which make trying to solve it all the more challenging. As a matter of fact, you can learn playing the cracker barrel game from reading the games instructions and rules. According to the game’s instructions, if you end up with:

  • One peg on the board, then you are a true genius.
  • With two pegs, you are really smart.
  • Three pegs, you are an average player.
  • And if you end up with four or more pegs, then you are lacking in the brains department.


All in all, cracker barrel peg is the sort of a puzzle game that offers a player with endless hours of entertainment and probably equal doses of frustration. While it is a game that can be enjoyed by lots of people, there is satisfaction in knowing that it can be won and in how to win it.




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