Pegs And Jokers Game

Pegs And Jokers Game

Board games are as old as the man itself and in the olden days, people used to play different types of board games in their leisure time so as to kill boredom.  And although these games are as old as the man, in the 20th century they became quite popular amongst the middle class people who suddenly found themselves with  enough spare time and were interested in playing varied sorts of indoor games.  After the Second World War, the new board games continued to develop and expand until today, there are numerous boards and puzzle games in the market, for example the all American pegs and jokers game.

What is pegs and jokers game?

This is a type of a board game that is played by a group of four to eight players who use normal cards to make pegs move around a playing board and the game is quite popular in North American.  Basically, the game was derived from the very popular Pachisi, a Red Indian racing game where when playing this game; different colored pegs are moved around a board as per the playing cards.

Jokers and pegs is a multi-player board game that is played with the ordinary playing cards and on a board that is basically homemade because you can never get a good pegs and jokers board in the ordinary game stores. This is a strategy game that allows the players to choose the cards they want to play with and each player is allowed only 5 pegs to use while playing the game. The winner is the 1st group of players who are able to move the pegs from the starting area to the homing area.

Pegs and jokers game equipment and players

Normally, participants are grouped into groups of two; for example, two verses two, three verses three, four verses four and so forth and the types of playing cards employed to play the game are the standard cards that comprises of two joker cards.  For six players, 162 cards and 6 jokers are used to play the game and for eight players, 216 cards plus 8 jokers are used when playing the game.  
The type of a board onto which to play the game determines the number of players to take part; for instance, six participants utilize a six sided board, four players a four sided board and so forth. One side is for each participant and is colored differently from the other sides; each player uses five pegs that correspond to the color of the side they are playing from. 

How to deal when you are on a game of jokers and pegs

Each player use five cards to play the game while the remaining cards are stacked facing down. Normally, players hold their cards facing them so as to hide them from the other players and the played cards are piled facing up on the playing table. In a clockwise order, players take their turn to play and when your turn comes, you do the following:

  • Draw a card from the top of the cards facing down, so that there are six cards in your hands.
  • Play a card of your choice from your hand.
  • The played card should decide your next move




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