Wooden Peg Games

Wooden Peg Games

In this world of high technology, it seems that just about everything is computerized in one form or another and you can get many hand-held games and just about wherever you go you can see children with their noses down glued to these or their phones. However, we are not all ‘robots’ yet, there are many that continue to enjoy good old-fashioned wooden peg games and you might wonder what is a Wooden peg games, well read on to learn more!

What are wooden peg games?

Wooden peg games are games that require the use of a board and some pegs and there are quite a few you can buy including:

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • 4 in a row
  • Cribbage
  • Starburst
  • Elimination

These are not the only wooden peg games available but it just gives an idea of the kind of variety available and some of these games are easily available; you can even get it in a digital or computerized form too.

Portable games

One of the great things about wooden peg games is their portability. Ok, so yes you can carry digital hand-held games around with you but there is something very satisfying about picking up a box of pegs  game to make moves across the board game of choice. Looking at the options in proper 3D and using your analytical skills of deduction is very rewarding and seeing the whole board game in completeness is preferable for many people who do not enjoy clicking to move around a computerized game to see different aspects of the board. The whole picture is generally missing with computerized or digital games.

These games are great for children in the back of a car or on a train journey or for use on holiday and compared to digital games, just try going to the beach and placing your hand phone down then you will have some idea of the problems with digital games at the beach. You don’t get this problem with wooden peg games and the wooden peg games can just be stored in a bag and some of them even come with their own carrying case.

Design your own games

If you are quite practical or handy then you might want to consider designing a wooden peg game yourself and you can use a similar game to base your ideas on or you may even have some ideas of your own.  If you have some woodworking skills you can create the board yourself as you can buy brightly colored plastic pegs easily and cheaply.

On the other hand, you may decide to create the pegs yourself to match the wooden peg games you are creating but if you do this, it is a good idea to ensure that the pegs are different in some way for the other players required for the game. You can make the wooden pegs from different kinds of woods, as they differ in color or perhaps you would prefer to create the peg using the wood grain running from top to bottom rather than across the wooden peg. Alternatively, you could create the pegs with a different number of stripes on it to differentiate between players.




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